How to get to St-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume

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By car:

St-Maximin is located on the A8, 20 minutes from Aix-en-Provence. Take exit 34. You can park in one of several car parks in the town. Some are free of charge.


By train:

Go to Aix TGV station. 56 km from St-Maximin. Then you have to take the bus from Aix TGV to Saint Maximin. Attention Sunday, July 8th there is only one bus at 16:10 arriving at 16:55 to St. Maximin. We cannot pick you up at Aix TGV. Thank you for your understanding. For the return bus at 12:10 (or 17:10) from Saint Maximin, arrival at 13h (or 18h) at the Aix TGV station.


By plane:

Airport of Marignane (Marseille). 65 km from St-Maximin.

Airport of Nice. 132 km from St-Maximin.


By taxi:

From the airport of Marseille to St-Maximin : around 120 €

From the station Aix TGV to St-Maximin : around 90 €

From the airport of Nice to St-Maximin : 300 €

These are the average prices and are calculated for a journey during the daytime. Possible contact : Taxi Flayol 06 87 03 47 11 (Email)


By bus:

 MARSEILLE Airport – Aix TGV – Saint-Maximin (halte routière) (Express Line n°36)

9.30am – 9.50am – 10.35am (except on Sundays and bank holidays)

12.25pm – 12.55pm – 1.40pm (except on Sundays and bank holidays)

3pm – 3.20pm – 4.05pm (everyday)

8.40pm – 8.55pm – 9.40pm (everyday)


Saint-Maximin (halte routière) to AIX T.G.V. to MARSEILLE Airport (Express Line n°36)

6.15am - 7.05am - 7.20am (except on Sundays and bank holidays)

7.50am   - 9.00am - 9.20am (except on Sundays and bank holidays)

12.00pm - 1.00pm - 1.15pm (everyday)

17.55pm - 6.55pm - 7.10pm (tous les jours)



 Nice Airport T1 – Saint-Maximin (Phocéens Cars n°20)

8.15am – 10.30am (everyday)

12.15pm – 2.50pm (everyday)

 (Aéroport Nice T1 – Brignoles (parking autoroutier)

5.45pm – 7.20pm (everyday)


Saint Maximin to Nice Airport T1 (Phocéens Cars n°20)

11.30am – 1.40pm – 2pm (everyday)

1.50pm – 4.35pm – 5pm (everyday)

 Brignoles (parking autoroutier) – Aéroport Nice T1

9.40am – 11.05am (everyday)




Marseille provence verte bus station Hall 3/4

9.30 12.55 (every day except Sunday's and bank holidays) 3.35pm 8.35pm (every day)

arrives Saint-Maximin (Bus Stop) : 10.35am 2.00pm 4.40pm 9.35pm


Saint-Maximin (Bus Stop) :
6.15am 9.10am (every day except Sunday's and bank holidays) 12.30pm 5.50pm (every day)
arrives Marseille provence verte bus station Hall 3/4 :
7.10am 10.10am 1.40pm 6.50pm


Nice City Bus Station : 7.50am 12.00pm (every day)
arrives Saint-Maximin : 10.30am 2.50pm
Saint-Maximin :11.30am 1:50pm (every day)
Nice gare routière : 1.55pm 4.55pm


Saint-Maximin – Toulon – Saint-Maximin
Cf Bus Station. Many buses everyday.